Custody / Parenting Time / Visitation

Child Custody, Parenting Time / Visitation and Child Support

Did you know that NJ Child Custody and NJ Child Support Laws apply to all parents? The answer is they do.  But did you also know that same-sex couples in New Jersey with children confront certain NJ Child Custody (Mike: Please link this to the existing NJ Child Custody page for now. Thanks!) issues on a more frequent basis than heterosexual couples do? Many NJ same-sex couples, for example, have adopted children. Some have children who are the biological offspring of only one of the partners.

In some situations, a NJ same-sex partner who is not a child’s biological or adoptive parent – but has acted as the child’s parent in a family relationship – may nonetheless have significant parental rights during the divorce. At there are divorce forms that determined to protect your most precious relationships and safeguard your parental rights in this highly complicated area of NJ Child Custody and Parenting Time Law.

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