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NJ Divorce Requires Experience & Dedication

New Jersey Divorce isn’t simple, but Romanowski Law Offices works to understand your needs and outline the options that fit your situation. In many cases, Alternative Dispute Resolution can be effective alternatives to the court process.

Collaborative Divorce:


New Jersey Collaborative Divorce or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is generally less costly and time-consuming than litigation. Clients are a vital part of the settlement team, which consists of both parties, both attorneys and the occasional jointly retained expert. The goal is for the parties to work cooperatively with each other to resolve issues.

The process is much less fear and anxiety producing than resorting to court proceedings and focuses on creating a climate that facilitates “win-win” settlements.

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NJ Divorce and Custody Mediation is a process in which a trained mediator helps a couple to make family law related decisions such as child custody, support, alimony and equitable distribution, without court involvement. Rather than making decisions for the parties, the mediator helps them to make their own decisions with expert guidance. The result is more satisfying for the parties and generally produces more durable solutions than those achieved and ultimately imposed upon the parties through litigation.

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Our goal for New Jersey Divorce Arbitration, both binding and non-binding, is to provide legally sustainable, thoughtful decisions to parties who cannot settle all of their issues cooperatively. One key advantage of New Jersey Divorce Arbitration — which makes it more desirable than a judicial decision — is cost containment. Needless disruption of work schedules can also be eliminated by avoiding the necessity of multiple court appearances.

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Progressive Divorce:


Progressive ® Divorce is a staged or incremental approach to family law.
The approach is outcome-focused based on the parties’ individual levels of ability and willingness to participate and reach an agreement. Progression from unwilling and unable to willing and able requires careful facilitation. Finally, there is a definite consulting methodology.

The Four Phases


Progressive Divorce moves through a progression of phases:
1. Value-Added Divorce Facilitation;
2. Trial Collaboration;
3. Recusal Pact and
4. Conclusion.
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If mediation reaches impasse, the parties are often counseled to attempt other non-litigated means prior to enlisting the help of the court. This could include Progressive Divorce, Collaborative Law, binding or non-binding Arbitration, or any hybrid approach well-suited to the requirements of the case. There are those situations, unfortunately, where we will make the observation to both parties that the case is no longer a candidate for successful resolution apart from the court process.

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