Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial / Post-Nuptial Agreements

Many New Jersey residents know what a NJ Pre-Nuptial Agreement is. Fewer have heard of NJ Post-Nuptial Agreements. There are a lot of nicknames – and misspellings – for each; pre-nuptial, pre-nuptual, prenuptual, prenup, pre-nup, pre-nupt, post-nuptial, post-nuptual, postnuptual, postnup, post-nup, post-nupt, just to name a few. We will state at the outset, these are not for everyone and certainly not for every New Jersey domestic relationship.

We run the entire gamut of…

“Of course I’ll agree to a pre-nup. Why wouldn’t I?
|If you hadn’t asked, I would have insisted.”


“What, are you kidding me?! Don’t you trust me?
Maybe you don’t really want to be married to me.”


 “I sure don’t want one.
The family business is insisting.”

 We prepare pre-nuptial agreements that do what they are supposed to. We set aside unfair agreements!

At Romanowski Law Offices, we have earned knowledge, experience and respect, both in crafting such agreements and in setting them aside. Although attempting to determine financial dispositions before or during your marriage, or both, stands to create a level of comfort and certainty that wouldn’t otherwise obtain, this is not something that should be addressed lightly.

Our prowess in dealing with NJ Pre-Nuptial agreement matters resulted in an article reported in the Home News Tribune, following an interview with New Jersey Family Law Attorney, Curtis J. Romanowski, Esq. Riley, Michael. (2011, February 27). Has the economy changed attitudes toward prenups? Home News Tribune, pp. F1-3.

New Jersey Pre-Nuptial Agreements, NJ Reconciliation Agreements / NJ Mid-Marriage Agreements, and NJ Post-Nuptial Agreements are all used to protect individual assets and other rights in the event of a NJ Divorce or Civil Union Dissolution. Romanowski Law Offices’ talented, tough and courtroom-tested NJ Family Law attorneys possess the requisite skills and commitment to excellence to aptly prepare, review, challenge or enforce the following:

- Pre-Nuptial Agreements
- Reconciliation Agreements / Mid-Marriage Agreements
- Post-Nuptial Agreements

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